How to get the most out of a real estate fair

Are you thinking of going to a real estate fair soon, in a European country?

Surely you have asked yourself more than once:

What benefits can you get from your participation in this type of event at a time when more than 90% of home purchases start online?

In this article we will tell you what to do before, during and after to get the most out of a real estate fair.

Surely as a promoter or real estate agent you receive many invitations to participate in events and real estate fairs. Certainly, there are many, in the main cities of Europe.

However, only those that have known how to adapt to the change in the habits of potential buyers with the arrival of the internet and offer agents or real estate developers an option to reach potential customers are a good alternative to attract qualified leads.

You will be with me that at the end of the day what matters is obtaining a return on investment. A business needs events and real estate fairs to be profitable, that is, to allow us to obtain benefits and have a positive impact on our income statement.

Main Fairs

The list of real estate fairs and events related to the sector is long. We have made a selection of the best known and currently available in Europe.

As you will see, many of these fairs are open to the general public. If your goal is to make your real estate promotion known to the end customer and capture leads like capital smart city , you will have to opt for these.

Other fairs offer events only for professionals in the sector that serve to learn about trends, the state of the market, establish new contacts through networking with service providers, investors, partners or business allies.

In this type of fairs, it is very important to take advantage of the opportunities to be updated, so evaluating the quality and relevance of the speakers is essential when deciding whether to attend or not.

Fairs and real estate events


Madrid International Real Estate Fair Open to the general public, in May 2019 it reaches its 21st Edition. For the fourth consecutive year, there is also a special event dedicated only to professionals with presentations, meetings, the presence of strategic partners and networking sessions SIMApro, The Pro Real Estate Experience.


Salón Inmobiliario del Mediterráneo takes place in Malaga, where in November 2019 it celebrates its 15th edition. The fair is offered as a meeting point between the general public and the real estate professional with properties located on the Costa del Sol.



Mediterranean Real Estate Fair celebrates its 24th edition in October in Valencia. In addition to the event open to the public interested in properties on the Costa Blanca, the organizers call the IV Real Estate Sector Debate Day.

Promoters, financial entities, APIS / Realtors, builders, architects, surveyors, civil engineers, sector suppliers, lawyers, registrars and notaries participate in these sessions.

Meeting Point:

The International Real Estate Fair and Symposium Barcelona Meeting Point is based in Barcelona, ​​in October 2019 it reaches its 23rd edition. It is aimed at the general public, for the professional visitor it offers the BMP Symposium.

Fairs and real estate events in Europe


Headquartered in the French city of Cannes has reached its 30th edition in March 2019. To this event the organizers invite representatives of cities, regions and public institutions and the private sector.

It is offered as a meeting place for synergies to occur, showcase your projects, improve your image internationally, meet potential partners in order to attract international investment.

A Place in the Sun Live exhibition

This fair is part of the business that arose from a television program showing properties in the most beautiful and sunniest places in the world on a British TV channel.

The organizers boast that it is by far the largest exhibition where British buyers meet overseas property sellers. It has taken place since 2018 in Birmingham, London and Manchester. It has pavilions dedicated to the different participating countries:  France, Italy, Portugal, among others.


This fair has been held in Munich since 1998. It brings together international experts for the entire supply chain in this German city. In this fair, its organizers focus on bringing together international representatives involved in the entire life cycle of real estate: from idea and concept to investment and financing, realization and marketing, as well as operation and use.

Although the focus is on offices, hotels, shops and logistics, there are also opportunities to connect with institutional investors for residential properties.

How to prepare your attendance at a Real Estate Fair

Although the real estate fair is still a resource used as part of the marketing strategy of the agents and promoters of the sector, the approach should not be the same as 10 years ago.

As we said, at a time when 90% of home purchases start on the internet, it is not possible to go to these exhibitions devoid of the information and resources provided by the technological tools that we currently have for marketing.

As a first step in deciding whether or not to attend a certain fair, it is necessary to analyse the statistics available regarding the profile of the general public, exhibitors, speakers and the offer of activities for each event. Based on this information and depending on our objectives, you will be able to identify whether or not there are opportunities that make the investment profitable.


Other aspects to consider in this preparation phase are knowledge of your real estate products and a correct segmentation of the customer database to direct the appropriate message to each segment. Only then can we design a strategy that allows us to take advantage of participation in any event.

For example, we can take the opportunity to attract potential customers and invite them to visit our stand through social media campaigns associated with a landing page. Also, it is an occasion to recover potential clients by resuming contact through invitations using email marketing campaigns.

Another customer profile that is increasingly interesting to capture at fairs is that of the real estate investor, of course, marketing actions must be different, specialized and personalized.

Also, if as part of your business model you work with partners and marketers, invite them to visit your stand, refresh the commercial relationship and increase the work base for the coming months.

Of course, the design of an attractive stand that invites potential customers to approach is an important factor for the success of participation in an event.

The design of the material and informational resources that will be used during the event are part of an effective strategy, let’s take advantage of the multimedia, interactive or immersive technologies that are available.

But without a doubt, a well-prepared and motivated team of agents will perhaps be the key factor.

Post-fair actions now is the time to cultivate leads.

The work does not finish on the last day of the fair, it is necessary to process the information that has been collected. All the preparation work and effort made during the exhibition will be of little value if a good post-fair follow-up is not done.

Once the information of these potential customers has been incorporated into the CRM, it is time to undertake the marketing actions that allow us to cultivate those leads to advance them in their journey through the funnel and close sales.

This is where our experience of more than 12 years in digital real estate marketing can help you mature leads; we recommend Inbound Marketing techniques to boost your results and make the most of your attendance at that real estate fair.

Thanks to the development of a personalized Inbound Marketing strategy, you will be able to retain your audience, reduce acquisition costs and build trust with your potential customers. Our Real Estate Inbound Marketing service is developed in 5 phases:

  • Analysis of the needs and definition of the objectives of your real estate business
  • Full website development
  • Planning and development of content to create value and respond to the needs of potential customers.
  • Traffic generation through SEO, optimized PPC campaigns and creation of landing pages that will convert the generated web traffic into sales.
  • Capture of leads by converting the traffic generated to the landing or website.

We also support you in monitoring the data generated in the execution of the marketing strategy to improve conversion rates and optimize processes.

Digital transformation of the real estate sector

I am going to give you my most sincere and personal opinion of how I see the real estate sector in this process of digital transformation.

Although in the book Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Era I tell you in detail about this transformation process in the sector, I wanted to take advantage of this blog post to give you a little preview, I hope you like it.

The digital transformation sees it personally necessary for any business, but in a real estate business the number of new opportunities appearing almost daily thanks to technological innovations is overwhelming.

The automation of processes, the minimization of costs and the maximization of the efficiency in the provision of services to the increasingly digitized client, are some of the aspects in which digital transformation can help a real estate business grow.

Next, you will know the keys to start the digital transformation process of your real estate business, and I will also detail different strategies so that you can get the most out of it.

Globalization and rapid technological evolution have made the digital transformation of companies a necessary process today.

Any business that intends to exist in the coming years must be constantly updated in the use of new technologies applied to its market niche and its business model in order to keep up with an increasingly competitive market.

But digital transformation is not just about the implementation of technologies.

Digital transformation processes involve a reorganization of work methods and strategies to obtain benefits efficiently.

In the case of the real estate sector, the creation of a web page, the implementation of a CRM, the use of virtual reality, the application of the internet of things, or having a large amount of property and property data is not enough customers.

To take advantage of the digital transformation and grow your business, it is necessary to:

  • Influence the culture of your company.
  • Know what customers are like in the digital age.
  • Keep up to date with the changes that occur in your business model with new technologies.
  • Develop business intelligence through data analysis.
  • Apply methodologies that facilitate innovation.

As we said, digital transformation processes go beyond the implementation of information and communication technologies in companies.

Digital transformation implies a new way of relating, working, thinking, inside and outside the company, with our employees, collaborators and clients.

In the case of the real estate sector Tajarat properties, with the digital transformation there have been changes both in the business model and in the adaptation to the new demands and needs of an increasingly connected, more digital and more demanding buyer.


If you want to continue reading about this topic, in the book Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Age you will find much more information. I hope it’s to your liking.